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Collection Art Homonculus

The Homonculus* are small beings escaped from a short-story** written a few years ago by Leatilga. They have misteriously popped up and thenceforth occupy her workshop. They live there and recycle whatever they fancy. This Collection presents them and a part of their creations, recreations “.

Peculiar characteristics :

silent and telepathists if needed

– each Homonculus has an “anchor object”

– strictly still if watched

– without name or egotism

« Here my incredible adventure. A few years ago I wrote a short-story, forgot everything about it … till on day Homonculus 1rst appeared in my studio. Somehow, he managed to escape from this story where he was supposed to live in a tree. From then, other Homonculus have taken shape into our reality. And they have become active in this world : recycling. That’s it. A very little adventure but… » Extract from the diary Art Homonculus written by Leatilga (2012)

 * The plural for homonculus should be homonculi to be correct but for personal reasons homonculus is only used here.

** The short-story will be included into the next book by Leatilga.

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Just send me an email at :  leatilga(at)ymail(dot)com.

Thank you and see you soon!

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